“No Fight” Friday Night

You guys know the nights I’m talking about. For most of you, it’s probably pizza night. It’s the night that you really don’t care what anyone eats, as long as you don’t really have to have much of a hand in it. There’s no dishes, not really any clean up involved, nobody has to sit at the table and wield their table manners. It’s the end of the work/school week, and everyone’s wrecked. This… my CrazyFreshPeeps… is “No Fight” Friday Night. It works with any night of the week. It rhymes with all of them😉

Take a bigger plate/platter, and just fill it with yummy, good things that everyone enjoys. It’s a healthy, no fuss way to fill tummies and enjoy smiles, not whines.


Here’s a sampling from our last Friday night. It’s various cheeses (left over from making the week of lunches), baby dill pickles, grapes, strawberries, and cherries. We also put out these cute little peanut butter loves we found at the store. They were a HUGE hit with the kiddos.


They’re soft and peanut buttery on the outside, but an unmistakable crunch on the inside with the salty goodness of a pretzel! They were a big hit!

We also put out apples and peanut butter of course… an all time fav at the CrazyFreshLife household.

You’re all welcome. Enjoy!


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