My Why

For as long as I can remember, there has been a fire in my soul. Something important was coming. I never knew exactly what it was, but for some reason has always propelled me forward through life. I’ve never stayed doing something for too long. I consume skills like I’m going through a video game… got that one, next! Doodliedoooo power up!


I believe that I’m on the edge of my greatness. Like I’m standing on the edge of what will be my life’s work. I’m looking over the edge, and can barely see the top of it… like one of those dreams where you just can get your vision cleared up to see what’s in front of you, or in the closet.

I see me helping people. I see me helping my sisters not just cope with life, but to really embrace and succeed in it. Not to just coast through day to day, but to really absorb and love what life has to offer.

So many people I know just coast. They just barely get to work on time (or not), just barely get food in their bellies, and just barely get to see each other every day. I’d like to change all that. I’d like to help in whatever way that I can. This is my Why.

Each week, I’ll share with you a new something. I’m un-diagnosed ADHD, so it will probably be something totally different each week! I have an undying passion for helping people let go of all of the crap that they hold onto. All of the things that hold people back from greatness.

Throughout the journey, I’ll share with you tips and tricks to deal with life’s little boo-boos on you, and how to not only overcome them, but how to squash them like a bug and thrive from it.

We’ll cover a wide gamut of relationships in life, including, but not limited to marriage, friends, parenting, nutrition, and your career. We’ll identify specific struggles that I’ve seen on my own personal road, and hope that you can adapt them to work in your own. This isn’t one of those “I’m better at it than you and here’s why” books. I’m just a wife, mom, family chef, professional Project Manager, daughter and sister.2016-09-16-16-12-32


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