Holiday Travel with Kiddos

I’ve traditionally been quite a homebody for holidays. I’m a nervous traveler. Since I refuse for that to hold us back, I make adjustments to alleviate my anxieties. First, I spent some time packing special backpacks for the boys. These are quite possibly the best little travel packs ever.

They include snacks and activities.

They don’t get to peak into them until we get to the airport. This ensures they’re occupied once we’re on the plane. Next, we get to the airport super early. It leaves time for arriving at the wrong terminal (happened just today) and padding in case the lines are long to get through checkpoints like security. No matter what happens, we’ll be ready to board when it’s time. Just getting past security takes a lot of pressure off.

Once inside, then we’re free to explore. Today, we hit up the paletas place for a treat. I know that airport food isn’t cheap, but it’s more about the memories and experiences than it is the money when you travel.

But seriously, look at the smiles on these faces. Yes, it was $25 for popcicles, but its money well spent for great giggles and smiles.

So, make accommodations, not excuses. Get out there and go. Embrace and enjoy your life!


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