Are You Planning To Fail?

We’re a few days into 2017 now… how are your resolutions holding up?

The problem with resolutions and diets is that if you are not consistent, which most humans fail at, then you’ve disappointed yourself. That… is a hard battle to fight with yourself. You would have just as much luck writing your wishes down on a leaf and letting it go in the wind… in hopes that the wish fairy grants them in your sleep that night.

As a Project Manager, we know that it will not be perfect 100% of the time. When we’re talking business, we build in “What If” scenarios. We try to evaluate all of the potential roadblocks and risks that we will encounter. However, when it comes to lifestyle changes, we somehow throw all that out the window and demand that we change immediately, no matter what. We very rarely give ourselves the gift of grace. Our demands are high, but our understanding and grace is not. I propose we change all of that. Here’s the plan.

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” This is a common thread among all of the Professional Project Managers I’ve ever known. It stands the test of time because its true. If you work for a company, you know that probably once a year you will go through a review with your boss, and he’ll ask you questions you haven’t thought about since last year’s review. You bang your head wishing that you’d revisited those goals at different check-points during the year to see if you were on track. Ugh. Maybe next year.

Let’s take this approach and apply it to your personal life. Do you ever sit down at the end of the year and reflect on yourself and what you accomplished in the year? We do. In all honesty; however, it’s usually a few weeks into January before we do it. All of the crazy has to die down first.


We like to set a plan for next year as well. I also do a personal one for myself. For myself, I use this format, and then I add calendar entries throughout the year to remind me to review where I am, so I can adjust my habits and behaviors to ensure that I’m back on target. This document has both the reflection over the previous year as well as the goal planning for the new year. It’s completely free, it’s my gift to you and yours for life improvement. Download it. Use it. Post it on the fridge.


For the family, we do one together and we also put check-point dates in our family calendar so that we can have a meeting to check-in on those goals to see how we’re doing. If we’re on track… awesome! If we’re not, then we make necessary plans to make sure we do meet those family goals. I’ve included the template here that you can download and use with you and your family. It’s versatile enough that you can use it for personal goals or family goals.

Remember, you can accomplish anything that you plan and schedule to do. I’ve seen some of the most impossible, lofty projects go in successfully with proper planning. I’ve also seen some of the simplest be poorly planned and fail miserably.

I want you to share this with anyone and everyone that you love and want to see prosper in 2017, and every year after that. Create a post with the hash #CFLplanner of you and yours creating your plans. I’d absolutely LOVE to see them!

I’d love for you to share your top goals for 2017, and what you’re doing to see that they’re accomplished. What are the checkpoints you built-in?

Download: Reflection and Goal Planner


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