I’m blushing over here!!!

Thanks so much, Anne Nicole, the NutrientDenseCowgirl! I’m honored that you nominated me for the… dun dun duuuuunnn… The Versatile Blogger Award!

The Rules:-versatile-blogger

1. Display Award

2. Thank blogger(s) who nominated you & provide a link to their blog

3. Write 7 things about yourself

4. Nominate Bloggers

As a new blogger, I wonder if I’m making a dent for anyone, anywhere. Sometimes, it feels a lot like talking to a wall. And then, this happens! I am so very grateful! It’s super hard talking about myself like this, but here goes…

  1. I grew up in the country, and I’m a Cattle Rancher’s daughter. Our brand is actually featured in the Cattle Ranchers Hall of Fame in downtown Ft. Worth, TX. We are Kirk Land & Cattle Company.
  2. I was in dance from the age of 5, and performed some in college as well.
  3. I am a split between a creative type and an super-nerd, and I love me for it.
  4. I am a constant struggle between what I want to be doing and what I need to be doing.
  5. I make the best pancakes in the entire world according to my family.
  6. Once I am awake of a morning, I cannot stay in bed. It drives my husband nuts that I cannot just lay there and be lazy on Saturday morning. For me, though, the bed starts feeling like hot lava, and I gotta get out!
  7. I cannot understand how women wear shoes without socks. I’ve been trying now for a few years, but goodness… my feet get so stinking sweaty here in the great state of Texas and I just slip all over them like a Wet Banana! Gross!

Haha, well enough about me and my isms… I want to give mad props to some of my favorite blog sites as well:

  1. The Minimalists
  2. SugarySixPack
  3. Journey To The Hills
  4. The Positivity Blog
  5. Time Management Ninja

These are some of my favs. Thanks again to NutrientDenseCowgirl!

Love y’all!


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