Bring On The Crazy

I know you guys have all wondered where I ran off to. Well… we moved over the summer from Texas to Washington! Yep, big move! My hubby is from the Pacific Northwest and just felt the draw home. It was a huge decision for us to make. You all know we have 3 little men who are all in school, so the conversation was around their needs as well. They were all very sad to leave their friends, but I am happy to report that they have all made some great friends here too! I’m even happier to report that God placed us perfectly up here and we have some AMAZING new friends here. I have one who, like me, loves to create. She has a perfect little Etsy shop and lives right across the road from us!!! I’ve recently opened one by popular demand. I’m offering bath salts and bombs, so go check that out!

Anyhoo… I’m back on the horse so to speak regarding this blog site. I hope you’re anxiously awaiting more details on our lives to come. We traded suburbia for country living in Washington State… goats and chickens and gardens, oh my!



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  1. Tami says:

    Glad you are here in Washington! I am so happy you are where your are!!


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