Family Meals

Here at CrazyFreshLife, we believe in simple and clean food. Ingredients that haven’t had a lot of work done on them. We believe that this is the way nourishment is meant to be. Clean and simple food.

Once upon a time, I fell into a serious food rut. I was drowning in short-order hell. I was spending so much time feeding everyone the way they want to be fed, that I was dying in my own creation.

We sat down to the table one evening, and I looked around the table. What I saw was the twins had plates with what they wanted to eat on it. Our oldest had a plate of his own style of food in front of him, and my husband and I were eating something completely different too. I’d made him steak and potatoes, and I was having a salad with sliced steak on it.

Here’s how dinner went. One of our twins, Brady, decided he didn’t want what was on his plate, and asked for a PB&J. At first I started to get up and go make it, and then something changed inside. Underneath the table, I dug my heels into the wood floors. “No,” I said. There was no way I was going to get up to make another dinner. It was at that moment that I decided that everyone would eat the same dinner. If they don’t like it and it’s not they’re favorite… well tough nookies. Aside from the fact that I’d spent 2 hours preparing this mixed up dinner, it was a gigantic waste of time and groceries.

The transition was HARD. To be completely transparent, there were still some nights I failed. There were still nights that we had more than one meal on the table. This is how “No Fight” Friday Night was born.

After all of these trials, we have a precious group of family meals that EVERYONE will eat and love. These are the best-of-the-best family meals. These are all Mix & Fix, which means you can pick a meat and any side(s). They are all nourishing to both your body and your soul.


Perfectly Roasted Whole Chicken